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My Skin Boston was established by Norma Abeleda Sison, a highly skilled physician specializing in Aesthetic Dermatology for over a decade in the Philippines. With an esthetician license and certification as a laser technician in the United States, Norma has translated her deep passion for skin care into providing exceptional services to her clients.

At My Skin Boston, Norma offers personalized treatment plans designed to meet the unique skin care objectives of each individual. Her extensive expertise in skin care techniques has been refined through attending prestigious lectures worldwide, including Harvard University’s Laser and Aesthetic Therapy program, American Academy of Facial Esthetics in Texas, Aesthetic Medical Solutions in Miami, FL, the International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology in Thailand, and the Ultra V-Lift program in the Philippines.

With Norma’s innovative techniques and individualized approach to skin care, clients can have complete confidence in receiving the utmost level of care at My Skin Boston. Whether you seek to revitalize your skin or address specific concerns, Norma can create a tailored treatment plan that aligns perfectly with your needs. Place your trust in My Skin Boston for all your skin care requirements and attain the radiant, healthy-looking skin you truly deserve.


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